Frying olive oil is renewed

FriOliva is the new olive oil for frying from Sità family: an innovative recipe, ideal for frying with light taste and Mediterranean flavourwith a totally Italian identity.

FriOliva, which means “olive oil for frying”, combines the rich tradition of Italian frying and the innovative formulation created by Sità family in collaboration with best chefs.

FriOliva is the frying oil composed of Sunflower oil High Oleic with a high content of oleic acid (80%) compared with the common sunflower oil (25%), then carefully blended with Olive Pomace Oil and good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from the finest quality olives which are specially selected and pressed. Such qualities give to FriOliva a great stability at high temperatures with a higher smoke point, compared to the majority of vegetable oils, it guarantees the total absence of foam in frying, which does not allow the food to burn externally, ensuring uniform frying, for clear, tasteful and appetizing fried.

It contains no cholesterol, is sodium free and the presence of Italian Olive Oil makes it perfect for frying as well long cooking time thanks to its high smoking point. FriOliva is ideal for tasty and crispy fried, for your Italian recipes and for all your dishes.