Private Label

Apart our brands, we also supply olive oil and all kind of edible oil in private labels for distributors, large retail chains, wholesalers, independently-owned retailers, manufacturers, specialty stores, restaurants, hôteleries etc helping them create their own brands. Our in-depth knowledge of the value chain for edible oils, means we are able to be the biggest supplier of own-brand olive oils in the south of Italy to guarantee our customers the best olive oils and vegetable oils, in the necessary quantities, at the most competitive prices and last but not least at any packaging and size.

Oil packaging: no limits to your idea and desires
Our oils can be packed in various sizes and type of packaging – small, medium and large – making them suitable for any market and customer. You can choose from Glass to PET, from TIN to Drum, any packaging and sizes ranging from 100ml to 25 liters in consumer packaging, as well in bulk such as Flexitanks, Totes 1000L and Drums.

Our olive oils are a wide range to satisfy everyone’s preferences with different levels of acidity as well as the most diversified organoleptic profiles, including, mild, intense, fruity, spicy, robust and light tasting olive oils. Concerning seed oils, we have formulations of 100% soy, sunflower, corn, peanut and canola, several blends between these oils and, specifically for the foodservice market, high frying performance blends.

We also produce blended olive oil, mix of vegetable oils and olive oils, particularly appreciated in the foodservice market. These products are tailor made for our clients and are developed in the desired proportions of vegetable oils and olive oils to meet the best quality price ratio and the specific flavor profile for a chef or restaurant’s needs.