FryOliva – TIN

FryOliva is the new olive oil for frying from Sità family: an innovative recipe, ideal for frying with light taste and Mediterranean flavour, with a totally Italian identity. FryOliva, which means “olive oil for frying”, combines the rich tradition of Italian frying and the innovative formulation created by Sità family in collaboration with best chefs.

Available in many size: 2L – 3L – Gallon – 4L – 5L – 10L – 25L TIN


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ico - Pomace Olive Oil – TIN

Pomace Olive Oil – TIN

Sità Pomace olive Oil is obtained from a balanced blend of refined Pomace Olive Oil and good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Light in taste, its proven resistance to high temperatures makes it particularly suitable for frying, sautéing and even baking while maintaining its delicate aroma and nutritional characteristics.

Available in many size: 3L – Gallon – 4L – 5L – 10L – 25L TIN


ico - Sunflower Oil 25L TIN

Sunflower Oil 25L TIN

Sita’ sunflower oil has a high percentage of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. The predominance of polyunsaturated fatty acids, together with the high content of plant sterols, is a factor in reducing cardiovascular risk. Ideal for cooking, raw it is delicate and light, particularly suitable for preparing mayonnaise and for tasty and golden fried food. Made by refining the oil extracted from 100% Italian sunflower seeds.